Change Management Mastery: 53 Updated Tips and Tactics for Change Management Fundamentals (Attain Mastery Series Book 1)

"An excellent short guide for those trying to engage with change management. Full of tips for those looking to navigate their way through the myriad of challenges and issues confronting managers trying to initiate or implement sustainable and effective change as well as providing the outsider looking to understand what their organisation may be attempting to achieve. Really useful for anyone attempting to get to grips with hiring change management consultants highlighting as it does the advantages and potential pitfalls that may await the unwary." Charles McFarland

"A fantastic introduction to change management. Easy to read." Anthony Chung

Research shows 70% of all change initiatives fail. Understanding the fundamentals of change management is the first step to success. Change Management Mastery provides answers to your most pressing organizational change management questions. Selling in over 11 countries, this easy to use book offers you practical checklists, tips, tools and tactics to help guide you through the change management process.

This ready resource is designed to help you quickly select areas for inclusion in presentations, business cases, talks and workshops.

Easy to read, this quick guide to current change management practices and leading edge methodologies is ideal for the emerging leader, busy executive, harassed manager, ambitious business owner, harried change practitioner, stressed front line supervisor or time poor MBA and commerce student.

Step by step principles, together with answers to questions such as:-
Which change management models, frameworks and tools to choose?
How to manage resistance to change
How to communicate change effectively
How to make the change stick
How to build a persuasive business case for change
How to drive your change road map to successful implementation
How to avoid the pitfall of change burn out
Ways to measure and monitor the change process
How to become change ready
Who drives the change process?

For a global context, read personal perspectives, insights, opinions and real life experiences from CEO, senior manager to executive from different organizations across the world – big and small.

If you need and want to master the fundamentals of successful change management read this book.

About the Author
Siobhan Sutherland Rogers is the recipient of numerous industry awards for excellence. Siobhan works with executives and organizations to facilitate successful business transformation, change and performance using leading edge methodologies. Delivering 100+ workshops and presentations in Australia and overseas, she also has been invited to speak at international conferences and seminars. Featured on The Small Business TV program, she is a published author in industry journals and magazines. Her experience covers Australia, Europe, New Zealand, UK and the United States. Recently publishing ‘Smarter Learning with Neuroscience’, she is currently working on her next book exploring Behavioral Change and Neuroscience.
Siobhan also holds a number of advisory and non-executive directorship roles.

"Great read, well researched has relevant quotes." Leigh

"Interesting read, well worth looking at if you want to make significant and lasting change in your organisation. I found the authors ideas refreshing and effective to implement."

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