How To Pass Your INFOSEC Certification Test: A Guide To Passing The CISSP, CISA, CISM, Network+, Security+, and CCSP

If you’re a professional in the field of IT, IT security, audit, or general security, you know that certifications are the key to better job opportunities and higher pay. There are many available, from various sources; many of them come from manufacturers and vendors of specific products, many from certification bodies and organizations, and some from government and quasi-government sources. The certifications usually require that you pass a multiple-choice test.
This book is meant to help you pass these tests. It contains lists and descriptions of material usually tested, regardless of certifier or test.
I have the CISSP, CCSP, CISM, and Security+ certifications, and used to hold the SANS GSEC. I’ve taught prep courses for most of them, and am familiar with material that shows up over and over again, on all of them. I’m not an expert in any single area of IT or INFOSEC, nor am I even all that smart….but I am good at passing multiple-choice tests, and I am told that I’m good at conveying information. So I’m offering that knowledge to you.
I hope you find this book useful. If, after you take the test, you are unable to pass, and you think this book did not help you prepare for it, get in touch with me, and I’ll refund you half the cost of the book. I want you to feel like you received value for your money. I’ll even include a list of all those people who have asked for refunds, in each subsequent edition of this book.
This book is not a standalone product: you won’t be able to read the book and just pass the test. The book is designed for practitioners in the field: people who have trained and worked in INFOSEC for some time, who have the background and essentials to get the certifications. In addition to the book, you should be reviewing other sources (especially the sourcebook from the certifying body for the test you’re taking), including sample tests, primary sources, other books, classes, and online content. This book will show you the information you need to know, but you may have to do some additional research to get more comprehensive details about that information; I recommend Wikipedia and other online sources, because they are both exhaustive and -often- free.
I hope the book helps you pass your exam and get your certification. Please let me know what you think of it, whether you think it helped your study efforts or if you know some way it could be improved. Good luck!

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