PMI-ACP Terminology Practice Exam: Speak the Language of Agile

SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF AGILE: Tired of feeling inadequate when your IT team, product manager, business analyst, or project manager uses Agile lingo that you don't understand? Perhaps you come from a 'Waterfall World' of processes, work statements, contracts, and plans and find yourself in a radical changing territory of Agile-minded individuals and can't communicate effectively with your co-workers? Or, maybe you're leading the way for a project management transition and don't have the time to read stacks of 'best practice' books to guide your path? By popular demand, the PM Assistant presents a comprehensive, high-level overview of Agile terminology, including Agile principles, tools, methodologies, skills, and requirements analysis, in an easy practice study exam format of multiple choice solutions that cuts through the context of jargon and philosophy to enhance your Agile vocabulary. Methods such as Kanban and Crystal programming are explained in simple terms without bias, to give you an advantage during project conversation.

This practice exam is also a rich ancilary component to anyone seeking professional Agile project management certification. It is also ideal for program managers, project managers, project coordinators, developers, engineers, product managers, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, and business analysts.

The practice exam covers 100 of the most common terms in the Agile lexicon including Dot Voting, Iteration, Velocity, and Throughput.

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