PRINCE2 Is NOT Hard: Pass Your PRINCE2 Foundation Exam!

The author of PRINCE2 Is NOT Hard is Dave Litten, who owns and runs his PRINCE2 Primer website teaches you how to prepare for your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams, where he provides a APMG Licensed fully downloadable set of Video-based learning aids.

PRINCE2 Is NOT Hard: The Road Map for learning PRINCE2 was written after Dave realized that students preparing for their PRINCE2 Foundation exam wanted an easy condensed illustrated learning system of the PRINCE2 Method that could be absorbed at a time and place that suited them.
Inside this full colour illustrated Kindle eBook, Dave explains the simple steps of his PRINCE2 Study Road Map including:

1. Grasp the PRINCE2 Processes and Themes
2. How the PRINCE2 Processes and Themes interrelate
3. De-mystify the PRINCE2 Life-cycle Process sequence
4. Understand and apply the PRINCE2 Product-based Planning Technique
5. How to Implement, monitor and control for each PRINCE2 delivery stage
6. Manage Risk and Change Management in a PRINCE2 project
7. Includes a full-strength PRINCE2 Foundation Exam complete with answers

PRINCE2 Is NOT Hard is the perfect book for those who are starting out on their path to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam, as well as for those who wish to grasp a clear understanding of the PRINCE2 Methodology.

After absorbing PRINCE2 IS NOT Hard: you will clearly understand how the PRINCE2 Processes and Themes work together to provide a solid foundation for any project, and it will unlock the text-dense complexity of the PRINCE2 official manual.

This full colour Kindle eBook takes your through the PRINCE2 Method in an easy conversational style, and has been designed in bite-sized chapters for easy absorption at a time and place that suits you!

Dave believes that helping others to achieve their PRINCE2 project management career and financial goals can be better and quicker achieved by breaking down complex and wordy study aids into sequences of simple clearly explained steps

Nothing has ever been successful without action, let Dave steer YOU in the right direction to achieve PRINCE2 success.

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